Thursday, March 26, 2009

More proposal photos

I just added some more proposal pictures to my flickr account!

I mean, could you say NO to this face?!? ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Colors: Blue & Yellow/Orange

Here are our current thoughts on our possible blue & yellow/orange colors. I'm thinking maybe more of a yellowish orange instead of the bright orange that's super popular right now.


Colors: Blue & Coral

Examples of Blue/Coral Weddings:

Whadda think? Thought that it looked very "beachy" without just being tropical colors or blue/sand colors.

Possible Wedding Colors

So, the biggest question I keep getting from everyone is about what wedding colors we are thinking about. Here are our current thoughts:

1. Blue/coral
2. Blue/yellowish orange (tangerine, etc)

More to come later!

Proposal pictures!

I'm sure we'll spend more time describing the actual proposal in the near future, but in the mean time checkout the proposal pictures here!

Also, you can check out the somewhat live stream I captured on my Posterous account as I was preparing everything here:

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Blog!

Everyone keeps asking me what Derek and I are planning on doing for our wedding... Date? Location? Colors? Will there be booze at the reception?

So, I decided that Derek and I will post our planning info on this blog back and forth so that, not only can we make comments on what we find, but so can you!

Please feel free to leave us comments and questions. Thanks for being a part of our engagement! :D