Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The dress has been found!

After only two days of shopping here in Dallas, I've already found my wedding dress! :D

Can't post a picture here because Derek might see it, but I will post the link to the Circle Park Bridal Boutique that we found it at.

I went with my Mom and my aunt, June, just to browse dresses to get an idea of what I wanted. Also, I have the additional problem of having the ceremony at the church and the reception at a possible beach location (TBD) so I needed to find something that would look good at both. Let's face it, it seems a little extravagent to have one dress for the ceremony (which will probably last less than 20 minutes) and another one for the reception.

So, we went just to look and try on different styles and colors to see what I liked best. I wanted something that wasn't strapless and didn't have a ton of beading/lace. Oh, and something that wasn't completely made of poof. Let me tell you, that's not an easy thing to come by! ;)

One thing I had learned from going wedding dress shopping with my cousin, Katie, is that you HAVE to take pictures of the dresses that you try on because some of the dresses that look great on you do NOT photograph well. I almost had my heart set on one dress, but when I got home and saw the picture on the big TV I changed my mind! The dress I ended up with was the overwhelming crowd favorite and was originally my second choice (after the un-photographic dress). I'm much happier with that choice in the end. I think it fits the overarching fun feeling that Derek and I want to have at our wedding.

I decided after going back today and trying on my dress that it really was the one for me so why not go ahead and buy it now! The great thing about Circle Park Bridal is that you just buy everything off the rack, no ordering required! The dress is now wrapped and hung up in my closet. I love it. I made the right choice!

Oh, and I got a SUPER cute veil too. :D

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